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RIWC 2020



Rehabilitation World Congress 2020, the 24th quadrennial world event, will take place from 8th September to the 10th September 2020.

The event to be arranged by RI Global in corporation with RI Denmark, will be held in Aarhus, Denmark’s second city and European Capital of Culture in 2017.

The Rehabilitation International World Congress 2020, will focus on MOVING SOCIETIES:

People in rehabilitation, their networks, professionals involved in rehabilitation services and not least politicians on all levels separately as well as in corporation may be “moving societies”.

Over the past decades understanding of the term “rehabilitation” has proven to be a unifying concept, which includes a vast number of stakeholders, communities, professionals and sectors. The main purpose of habilitation and rehabilitation services is to empower each individual and create surrounding conditions that lead to participation for all and thus move societies in the widest understanding.

We wish to build and support networks in order to cooperate on activities which can inspire the rehabilitation agenda towards 2020. And we see the 24th RI World Congress 2020 to be the engine for new plans and visions.


Engage with us and participate in co-creating RIWC 2020. For more information contact:


RI-DK 2020 President

Gunner Gamborg

Tel: +45 5336 4901





RI-DK 2020 National Secretary

Jan Sau Johansen

Tel: +45 2628 8955



You can also visit The RIWC 2020 facebook page.


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