Getting to the EICC

NB. Directions from accommodation are also available on the website

From Edinburgh Airport (Taxi Estimate: £26.50)

Take the number 100 bus to Haymarket Station.

From Haymarket Station (Taxi Estimate: £6.20)

Public Transport Route (7 minute journey): Exit Haymarket through the doors adjacent to M&S. Turn right nd follow the path past Ryrie’s bar and turn right onto Dalry Road, where you will find Dalry Road Bus Stop. Take the number 2 bus towards Magdalene for 2 stops, exiting at Dewar Place. Walk up the hill towards Morrisons Street and turn left onto Morrisons Street. Follow Morrisons Street for 50m and you will find the Conference Centre on your left.

Walking Route (0.3 miles): Exit Haymarket through the doors adjacent to M&S. Turn right and follow the path past Ryrie’s Bar and cross the road. Follow the path as it bares left onto Morrisons Street. Continue on Morrisons Street for around 300m and the Conference Centre will be on the left hand side of the road.

From Waverley Station (Taxi Estimate: £10.00)

Public Transport Route (16 minute journey): Exit Waverley Station onto Princes Street and the PP bus stop will be directly in front of you. Take the Number 1 bus towards clermiston for 4 stops, exiting at Lothian Road. Continue walking down Lothian Road until you reach a right turn onto Morrisons Street, there should be an odeon cinema on the corner. Follow Morrisons Street for about 250m and you will find the conference centre on your right hand side.