Fountain Court Apartments Directions

121 Grove Street, EH3 8AA

From the Airport (Taxi Estimate: £25.50)

Take the number 100 bus to Haymarket Station (8 stops) or take the tram to Haymarket Station (10 stops).

From Haymarket Station (Taxi Estimate: £7.50)

Walking Route (distance – 0.4 miles): Exit Haymarket through the doors adjacent to M&S and follow the pavement to the right. Then Go past the pub Ryrie’s and cross the road, then bear left onto Morrison’s street. Follow Morrisons street upwards for 400m, passing the Premier inn before turning right onto Grove Street. Follow Grove Street for 300m and Fountain Court Apartments Reception will be on the left hand side of the road with a red banner protruding into the street.

Public Transport Route: No applicable route. 

From Waverley Station (Taxi Estimate: £9.10)

Public Transport Route (9 minute journey): Take a train or the Number 100 bus back to Haymarket and follow the instructions “From Haymarket.”

Getting to the Conference Centre (Taxi Estimate: £6.00)

Walking Route (distance – 0.3 miles): Exit the Hotel and turn left, walking back to the top of Grove Street. Turn right onto Morrisons street and the Conference Centre will be on the left hand side of the road about 50m up.

Public Transport Route (4 minute journey): Exit the Hotel and turn right, you will find a bus stop by the Bank of Scotland branch. Take the number 34 bus towards North Leith for 2 stops, exiting near Semple Street. From there, follow Semple Street round to the left where it should meet with Morrisons Road. Follow Morrisons Road down and the conference centre should be on the right hand side of the road.