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About RI Global and Shaw Trust

The team behind RI World Congress 2016

RI World Congress is staged every four years, in the name of the parent organisation – Rehabilitation International (also known as RI Global) – and hosted by a trusted member. Shaw Trust is hosting the 2016 event in Edinburgh, UK.
This will be the 23rd RI World Congress, following the previous event, held in Incheon, Korea, in 2012. The event was last held in the UK in 1956, when it was opened by The Duke of Edinburgh.

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About RI Global

RI Global is the world’s leading network for the rights and inclusion of people with disabilities. This network includes people with disabilities, service providers, government agencies, academics, researchers and advocates. Comprising an assembly of 100+ member organisations, it uses advocacy, habilitation and rehabilitation to achieve an inclusive world where all people can enjoy active participation and full human rights.
Founded in 1922, RI grew from its small town roots in the American Midwest, to become an internationally prominent organisation in just a few years. Unlike most international organisations with a large core staff at the headquarters level, the RI Secretariat in New York has never been large. Instead, the majority of work has been carried out by RI’s member organisations.
International Symbol of AccessIn 1969 RI Global introduced the International Symbol for Access, which is said to be one of the five most recognised signs in the world today. Some other notable events from the organisation’s past include: advocating to bring services and facilities to disabled children in 1922; petitioning the League of Nations to establish an office to oversee the collection of disability-related statistics in 1929; setting down a list of policies to govern the use of the International Symbol of Access in 1978; presenting the Charter for the Third Millennium (in English, Spanish, Portuguese) in 1999; and adopting the Beijing Declaration on the Rights of People with Disabilities in the New Millennium.

Visit the Rehabilitation International website to find out more.

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About Shaw Trust

Shaw Trust is a UK based charity that delivers opportunities for disabled and disadvantaged people. To do this it focuses on learning and skills development to help people realise their full potential. Last year Shaw Trust helped 50,000 people on their journey into work.

Wide ranging activities

Shaw Trust has adopted a holistic approach in its mission to help people with disabilities achieve their life ambitions. The charity sponsors an education trust which currently runs schools for children with special educational needs. Too many disabled children are excluded from education across the world – UNESCO has suggested up to 23 million. Shaw Trust believes that improving access to education for children with disabilities is an urgent international priority.

The charity also delivers employment support services across the UK through government contracts. Using its experience of delivering employment support services, Shaw Trust is supporting international efforts to refresh thinking on how more disabled and disadvantaged people can access work opportunities.

Shaw Trust is committed to complementing RI’s efforts to form a stronger movement of global partners who will respond to and deliver strategies aimed at eradicating social exclusion. It already has well established relationships in Poland (Intergracja Foundation) and Romania (Motivation Romania).

Shaw Trust employs nearly 1,600 people and is supported by 600 plus volunteers.

The Shaw Trust Limited is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England (no 1744121), whose registered address is Shaw Trust, Third Floor, 10 Victoria Street, Bristol, England, BS1 6BN. Registered charity no. England and Wales: 287785, Scotland: SC039856.

Visit the Shaw Trust website to find out more.

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